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Children’s Vision Screening held at the Elizabeth South Primary School

A team of Lions from the Elizabeth/Playford, Golden Grove, Glenside and Burnside Lions Clubs recently completed a Vision Screening at the Elizabeth South Primary School. Carried out over two days, the team screened 65 children and referred 25 for further examination by a Eye Health Professional. The screening reached about 40% of the students currently enrolled at the school. This is a very good response as this was the first visit to this school by a Lions Children’s Vision Screening team. It is expected that the team will be invited back early in the next school team to screen further children as Parent Consent forms continue to be returned Each Child screened was invited to choose a book from a selection of children’s books provided by the Glenside Lions Book Mart to take home with them. It is expected that a Children’s Vision Screening will become an annual event at the school. Discussion’s are expected to begin shortly to agree dates for the 2024 screening.